Looking to Lower Your Ceiling to Conserve Energy Costs?

Tips from a Home Remodeler on Choosing the Best Ceiling Materials

Ceiling tiles, wood, planks, panels and other kinds of ceiling materials are normally quite cheap and simple to install, even for a DIY home remodeler. Before deciding which materials you want to use, you first need to think about the total cost, personal preference, appearance, function, or advantage of a certain material, and how hard it will be to install. Some simply need pliers and tin snips, while for others, you need to learn complicated techniques, you need to have a high level of experience, including special machinery.

The cost is the first thing to consider when choosing a ceiling material. Calculate the amount of money you are able to spend on the ceiling. Some will be expensive from the start and will need special equipment or even a professional to install it. For instance, plasterers are becoming increasingly rare, and if you find one, the cost to install and texture a ceiling will be high. Other kinds, such as modular tiles and drywall, are much more cheaper and easily done by an enthusiastic DIY homeowner.

Personal preference and the overall look are important as well. Some people enjoy the old world look of a pressed copper or tin ceiling, and there are various tiles available which will mimic the look. Others like the warmth of wooden beams, maybe combined with other ceiling materials. The best way to determine which material is best for your taste would be to look at ceilings in different rooms. Collate photographs, or take a closer look at ceilings that you like.

Think about the advantages of using certain ceiling materials. Some absorb a lot of ambient noise, while others more insulation, ensuring a room is kept cooler in the summer months, and visa versa. Hot air rises, and almost 25% of heat escapes via a ceiling, and roof in the winter months. Materials that provide an extra insulating barrier are: blown cellulose, spun fiberglass, expanding foam, blown mineral wool fiber, and radiant paint.

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