The Most Reputable Local Remodeling Service

Fort Myers Dominion Contracting Group is a renowned company offering the most comprehensive and remarkable local remodeling service in Fort Myers, FL. Check out what we are capable of performing for you!

Kitchen remodeling – a contractor from our team will help you choose the most suitable plans and schematics for your kitchen. We always consider the most important factors here, which are space, functionality, comfort and aesthetic appeal. The most important room of your home should have enough space for you to work with comfortably and all of the functional features that a modern kitchen should have.

Bathroom construction – building a new bathroom should be performed with a precise and delicate approach because there are many factors to include such as the plumbing, sinks, toilet and other components. With us at your side, you will be sure that everything will be taken care of properly and to the last detail!

Bathroom remodeling – when it comes to the appearance and aesthetic qualities of your bathroom, you can count on our experts to create a stunning new look for it which will guarantee your 100% satisfaction with the new design and layout!

Give us a call at the number listed below if you want to find out more about the remodeling services we offer! Rest assured that our work is carefully performed with precision and comes at very decent rates so that you can include all the features you want in your new project!

Get in touch with us today at (239) 494-3294!

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